Yanhee International Hospital, Thailand

Yanhee International Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Asia with the biggest plastic surgery department, established as Yanhee Polyclinic in 1984. With the 20 years of quality service, we have expanded and grown to an international standard level that has attracted innumerable patients from all corners of the world, as well as the local patients, to comply with several accreditation requirements, it was renamed as " Yanhee International Hospital ".

Yanhee International Hospital is a modern 10-storey building with 400 beds capacity and equipped with modern facilities to serve in-patients and at least 2,000 out-patients daily for both medical and beauty services.Yanhee International Hospital has highly-trained medical staff to deal with major and minor medical problems-these consists of 95 full-time doctors, specializing in their own medical field of specialization and 120 part-time health professionals along with 800 caring, considerate and compassionate nurses and staff at your service.

For over 20 years of providing standardized services with a determination to develop quality medical health care, Yanhee International Hospital was recognized and awarded an ISO 9001 for the entire system. Our hospital services are renowned to both locals and foreigners, and because of our outstanding and consistent health and beauty services, Yanhee International Hospital was recognized worldwide as a "One-stop Health and Beauty Treatment Shop" one of the most complete and largest beauty treatment centers in Asia .

Furthermore, Yanhee International Hospital has complete state-of-the-art medical facilities to ensure asepsis and safety for each and every patient. The Hospital has 95 OPD examination rooms and delivery rooms, ICU, dialysis machines, nursery room, emergency room, and laboratory, which is guided and maintained by a universal safety standard of sterilization.

  • Be recognized worldwide as the number one hospital for beauty in A
  • Be a consistent high quality standard service provider, care provider and patient treatment provider
  • Be an expert not only in plastic surgery but also in comprehensive range of medical and paramedical services

Quality treatment, compassionate, excellent service care, and to be beneficial to the society

  • Dental care
  • Weight Control Center
  • General Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery Center
  • Dermatology Center
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Center
  • Varicose Veins Center
  • Ear Throat & Nose Center
  • Hair Implants Center
  • Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Center
  • General Medicine Center
  • HemoDialysis
  • Hemorrhoid Center
  • Neurology Center
  • X-Ray Center
  • Orthopedic Plastic Surgery Center
  • Pediatric Center
  • Eye Department
  • Physiotherapy Center
  • Detox Colonic Center
  • Anesthesiology Center
  • General Dentisity
  • Opthamology
Yanhee Hospital Spine Cheakup
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