Best Spine Doctors in India
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01 Dr Rajat Mahajan Delhi -- 9953939867 Specializes in degenerative spine surgery, scoliosis spine surgery and endoscopic discectomy.
02 Dr Kunal Kishore Jharkhand,India -- 7070038888 Dr Kunal Kishore is a very well renowned Neurosurgeon (Brain) and Spine surgeon. He is from Jharkhand and he has very thankful experience of 5 years.
03 Dr Ankur Nanda Delhi, India -- 9717007717 Welcome to official website of Dr. Ankur Nanda. Our team of experts and supportive staff believes in providing care which is personalized to each patient's unique needs.
04 Dr. Susmit Naskar West Bengal -- 9820158406 Dr. Susmit Naskar - best Spine surgeon, amongst a very few practicing, in Kolkata India. Dr. Susmit has been treating all sorts of spine-related problems.
05 Dr. Sandeep Vaishya Haryana -- 8860911397 Dr.Sandeep Vaishya is renowned Neurosurgeon in India with more than 22 years of experience in the field having worked with some of the top institution and hospitals of India.
06 Dr Arun Saroha Haryana -- 9818778811 Dr. Arun Saroha is the Best Neurosurgeon & Spine Surgeon in Max Hospital, India who specializes in brain and spine procedures.
07 Dr Anil Solanki Gujarat -- 9510695931 Dr Anil Solanki has worked with some of the premium medical facilities in India including Park clinic and Kothari Medical Centre, Kolkata and Ganga hospital in Coimbatore as well as Shalby hospital, Ahmedabad- as a Best Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad.
08 Dr. Mahesh Kumar Bihar -- 8809550888 You are in safest hands of Dr. Mahesh Kumar. Specialist in endoscopic, microscopic, minimally invasive and deformity spine surgery.
09 Dr Saurabh Rawall Delhi --- 9871750690 Dr. Saurabh Rawall is a renowned Spine & Scoliosis Surgeon in Delhi with more than 12 years experience in the field of spinal surgery in Delhi.
10 Dr.Manoj Sharma Delhi --- 9810091720 Dr. Manoj Sharma is a renowned spine surgeon in India. He is a pioneer of laser disc surgery and percutaneous endoscopic spine surgery.
Best Spine Doctors in USA
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01 Dr. Hooman Melamed  California -- +14242177463 Orthopedic Spine Surgeon & Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Specialist located in Beverly Hills, CA
02 Dr. Ehsan Saadat California -- +13109619820 Dr. Ehsan Saadat is a Board-certified, Harvard and Emory-trained orthopaedic spine surgeon in Los Angeles.
03 Dr. Greg S. Khounganian United States -- +18183434430 Dr. Greg Khounganian is board certified in spine surgery that emphasizes minimally invasive techniques.
04 Dr. Rojeh Melikian United States -- +13104268206 Dr. Rojeh Melikian is board-certified, Harvard and Emory University-trained orthopaedic spine surgeon.
05 Dr. Edward Nomoto United States - +13107465918 Edward K. Nomoto, M.D. is a fellow-ship trained orthopaedic surgeon, specializing in spine surgery. His expertise includes a wide range of surgical interventions to treat the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.
06 Dr. Todd H. Lanman United States -- +13103857766 Hello, I’m Todd Lanman. I’m a neurosurgeon; I’ve been practicing spinal surgery here in Beverly Hills for 25 years.
07 Dr. Remi Ajiboye California -- +13104641899 Dr. Remi Ajiboye earned his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley, with a double major in cell biology and public health.
08 Dr. Scott I. Lee United States -- +18188634444 Dr. Scott I. Lee is a Board Certified, top-ranked, and fellowship trained Orthopedic Spine Surgeon specializing in non-operative and operative treatment of neck, back, and spine conditions.
09 Dr. Hyun W. Bae California --- +13108287757 Dr. Bae is changing the way spinal surgery is performed in Beverly Hills. He is currently pioneering a study on the use of stem cells for spinal restoration and is one of only five doctors to receive a significant grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2014.
10 Dr. Amandeep Bhalla California --- +15622399210 Makanji H, Schoenfeld AJ, Bhalla A, Bono CM. Critical analysis of trends in lumbar fusion for degenerative disorders revisited: influence of technique on fusion rate and clinical outcomes.
Best Spine Doctors in Europe
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01 Prof. Dr. Med. Jurgen Kiwit Germany -- +4930940154300 Prof. Dr. Med. Jürgen Kiwit is a neurosurgeon with 35+ years of experience. His areas of expertise include Kyphoplasty, Vertebroplasty, endoscopic intervertebral disc surgery, Neuronavigation for spinal and cranial surgery.
02 Dr. Ralf Buhl Germany -- +492125472471 Dr. Ralf Buhl is an internationally-acclaimed Neurosurgeon who has been treating brain tumours and cancers, epilepsy, meningioma and other disorders of the brain, spine, peripheral nervous system.
03 Prof. Dr. Andreas Unterberg Germany -- +496221566301 He has professional membership of the Executive Board of The German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Euro-Academy of Multidisciplinary Neurotraumatology, and President of the German Society of Neurosurgery and President of The German Society for NeuroIntensive and Emergency Medicine (DGNI).
04 Prof. Dr. med. Dag Moskop Germany -- +4930130231760 He is a member of the German Society for Neurosurgery (DGNC), Berlin Society for Psychiatry and Neurology (BGPN), and also the monitoring commission examination committee.
05 Prof. Dr. Peter Vajkoczy Germany - +4930450560002 Medical Director of the Department of Neurosurgery with Pediatric Neurosurgery Charité Campus Mitte, Campus Benjamin Franklin und Campus Virchowklinikum.
06 Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Niemeyer Germany -- +496118472082 Prof. Dr. Thomas Nimayer is a Spine Surgeon with over 20+ years of experience.
07 Dr. med. Thomas Bierstedt Germany -- +49236336690 dr Bierstedt has mastered all operational techniques via all available access routes. All surgical procedures are performed by him.
08 Prof. Dr. med. Volker Seifert Germany -- +496963015295 Prof. Dr. med. Volker Seifert is Prof. Dr. med. Volker Seifert - Neurosurgeon in Frankfurt, Germany.
09 Prof. Dr. med. Michael Buchfelder Germany -- +4991318534566 One of the best neurosurgeons in the world, one of the great personalities of the medical world.
10 Dr. med. Peter Bernstein Germany -- -- Dr. med. Peter Bernstein is a spine surgeon with 15+ years of experience.

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