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Destinations for Treatment

INDIA is located in Asia, the largest continent in the world. This country is set apart from the rest of Asia by the supreme continental wall of the Himalayas in the north


SINGAPORE is in southeastern Asia, between Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore is an island nation consisting of the island of Singapore and about 60 smaller islands.


THAILAND is located in Southeast Asia, bordering Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia, and the Andaman Sea. Thailand is a tropical country


MALAYSIA is a country with two distinct parts. Peninsula Malaysia constitutes the long fringe of land, extending down from Asia, which borders Thailand and Singapore.


MEXICO is a land with a vibrant, colorful and unique nature with varied terrain ranging from cactus-studded deserts to the white sandy beaches and blue waters, tropical rainforest


COSTA RICA is the second-smallest Central American nation after El Salvador, and is located in the Central American isthmus, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea


BELGIUM is a Western European country of 10m inhabitants located in the heart of northern Europe, neighboring The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France

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